Ronald Langereis - Amsterdam
Launched, March 1, 2000 © Upgrade, Dec 2, 2014

a. While at the 'Bridge', Sir Alec was ....-te unaware it would win him
a knighthood
Kwai 4
b. The more you look, the more you'll love these spurious an-....-fully
construed sentences. It's their solution that keeps nagging you
Dart 4

Expect to find some major rivers from all over the world,
though by times there will be the odd stream of British denomination.

1. Rubinstein had left Hamburg for America w-....-fore the nazis came to power 4
2. By this laziest of paddle boats we're going to ........-nterview with the Sioux chieftain 8
3. The poor llama-driver proudly declared, 'I ...... of the Inca!' 6
4. The broad mouth wide toward the narrow sea i-......-arrowing into a separate identity 6
5. At the regatta the don tore his righ-......-tring on jumping up the honorary platform 6
6. I dare say, there .... bounds to the culinary riches of Tuscany 4
7. Don't meddle in Balkan affairs, for ......-come a part of the problem yourself 6
8. For all this promotion of its proper name, did it much to propagate the gr-.... proper? 4
9. OK, I'll guide you to the Inuit camp, provided .....-tribute your own team of huskies 5
10. If its waters were coloured wit-......, wouldn't one suspect its source amid Italian hills? 6
11. No wonder the Victorians fell for the sheer beauty of these foreig-....-ands 4
12. Pestering tourists for baksheesh has developed into an .....-try in its own right 5

Join me in a little gamble of my own making
a definite nail-biter

If you love to make cryptogram puzzles, and ... and I must stress the 'AND'
you're not unfamiliar with ancient Greek myth,
there'll be another dozen puzzles waiting for you at
They're tough, but you'll find an extended index of names to support you.

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