Across Australia
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November 2000 till January 2001

Australia Tour - Part 1 - the South-West
Launched, January 5, 2001 - Links update, January 21, 2005
Ronald Langereis - Amsterdam

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Fraser Island

Nederlandse versie
I'm sending you herewith the account of my journey sofar. I was staying in Fraser Island (slightly to the north of Brisbane) where they were enjoying (?) the hottest Christmas of the past 20 years, temperatures averaging 40 degrees Celsius!
My Christmas has been a very international one. I spent X-mas time with people from Brasil, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada, if not more. But we did have garlanded trees, as usual, and Santa caps. Rather weird seeing people swim in an oasis wearing Santa caps ...
I wish you a very prosperous 2001

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Since Nov. 3 I'm in a Christmas mood. In Australia they're starting preparations for the holidays three months in advance. It's an odd sensation to see X-mas decorations and to hear carols while it's 40 degrees or higher. Till now my journey has been absolutely fabulous and this is my report of it.

I started in Perth. In a rented car I've been exploring the south-west. A deserted region, great distances between the communities. Difficult to keep on driving then, even for me - for a stretch of 1000km / 600m in a single day I passed but a handful of small towns.
But it was just great out there!
I swam with dolphins, made a tree-top walk, 40 metres high in the jarrah and karri forest, I visited fantastic coastal towns like Albany and Esperance and of course the Goldfields.
The latter I found very impressive. It's a very dusty neighbourhood, dappled with road trains, saloons, and bars with skimpies. But for the horses, you might picture yourself in a western movie.
After this I went north, beyond Perth, to have a look at the Pinnacles, took a crash course of sand boarding and toured the sand dunes in a 4WD.
Then by airplane to Darwin and its tropical damp heat.

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