Walking along the
North Sea Coast
between Egmond and Bergen
March 5, 2000

Relaunch February 24, 2004
Ronald Langereis - 2004 - Amsterdam

Saturday, March 4, for the first time this winter there were hail storms in Amsterdam, and in the afternoon it snowed in an old-fashioned way so that the atmosphere seemed filled with flakes gently wafting down to their soft extinction on the wet streets. There was a nasty chill in the air that made you long for a seat in front of a fireplace. Light at ebb-tide On Sunday, however, the sun came out and it proved te be a perfect day for a leisurely walk by the beach and the sand dunes, which protect the greater part of Holland's coasts from the sea. We parked our car in Egmond and walked to Bergen and back again, taking a short detour through the so-called 'Dunes of Baron Six', opened to the public recently.

One of our visitors was curious to know the actual size of the North Sea. As you may know, this sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean, which is wedged in between Great-Britain and the Netherlands, and up north laps the shores of the Scandinavian countries.
According to my encyclopedia the North Sea covers 572,000 square kilometers, equal to 166,900 square miles, i.e. sea miles (1.851 km), which seems to me the measure most appropriate in this case.

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