An afternoon in
oldest town of
January 16th, 2000

Launched January 29th, 2000
Ronald Langereis - 2004 © - Amsterdam
Relaunch March 5, 2004

Lay out of the town as it was in the mid 17th century, situated strategically at the confluence of three rivers, the Oude Maas, Noord and Merwede.
From the 13th century onward the Counts of Holland and their court often stayed in Dordrecht. Consequentially the town took an important role in the trade of luxury goods, particularly wine.
The map is part of Blaeu's Atlas, 1652, 'Toonneel der Steden', or 'Spectacle of Towns'. Groningen University scanned 35 original maps in two different formats, big and huge! I can recommend a visit to their English spoken site. Click on the map and you'll be warped to Dutch fortified towns as they appeared around 1650 in full colour and detail.

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House of Croesus - Gateway to Luxury - Click!

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